Where it all began

Oct 20, 2020

During a secret camping weekend, back in 2017, we were sitting on bales of hay, drinking some of the local gin. A 3-wheeled Piaggio Ape drove (very slowly) past us and parked up. It had been lovingly converted into a sparkling wine bar and Prosecco wagon with Italian charm, and cool vintage design. We were immediately drawn in. We loved the concept. It was just a shame that they only sold Prosecco!

I'm a teacher, he's a builder. But from that moment onwards, we wanted to be (mobile) bar owners.

The following weekend (having secured the blessing of our (soon to be long suffering) partners), we were looking for a suitable vehicle for our first mobile bar.

We were extremely fussy. We knew that it couldn't be just another "mobile bar". It had to be unique and full of character and charm.

We searched for weeks and when we saw her, instantly we knew that she was the one. The Mobile Landlords had its first family member.