Let's have a party

Apr 18, 2021

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Bar menu below (always a good starting point for discussion!)  

Craft lager and Pale Ale on tap.

Aperol Spritz - an Italian wine-based cocktail, commonly served as an aperitif in Northeast Italy. Aperol, Prosecco, Soda Water. Served on the rocks, garnished with a wedge of orange.

Pimms & Lemonade - A true taste of summer, this fruity punch is served with fresh mint leaves, cucumber, and berries.

Archers & Lemonade - Crisp smooth taste of peach with lemonade. Served chilled in a tall glass over ice for a deliciously invigorating taste. Blending of flavourings extracted from real peaches, sugar and schnappses.

Baileys - the sweetest meeting of fine Irish whiskey and spirits, Irish dairy cream, rich chocolate and vanilla flavours. Served on the rocks.

Champagne - bring on the bubbles!

Mojito - Delivering zesty lime with fresh mint and a backbone of crystal clear, smooth Captain Morgan White Rum, the classic Mojito cocktail recipe has all the ingredients for a great party – enjoy it with the crew!

The OMG&T - Perfect at any time, this quintessentially British drink has been given a fresh berry facelift that'll wow your friends.

Blue Lagoon - A brilliant, turquoise 1970s classic, the Blue Lagoon may look and sound tropical, but it's a deliciously tangy, citrus harmony of vodka, blue curaçao and lemonade.

Sex on the Beach - A modern classic, Sex on the Beach has a name you won’t forget, but one that shouldn’t hide the qualities of subtly sweet fruit plus a backbone of clean, smooth Smirnoff Vodka.

Bacardi & Coke / Cuba Libre - White Bacardi / Dark Captain Morgan and Coke. All-time classic recipes!

Good ol’ Whisky Ginger - Tangy ginger plus the delicious smoothness of Jameson Whisky.

Harvey Wallbanger - A long, citrusy cocktail with subtle herbal flavours, the Harvey Wallbanger was reputedly named after a Manhattan Beach surfer, and has gone on to become a modern classic.

Old Fashioned Cuba Libre - Add a zesty, fresh, floral, sweet Cointreau to your Cuba Libre.

Pina Colada - In 1978 the government declared the Pina Colada to be the official drink of Puerto Rico.

Negroni - It's a TML absolute favourite! A wonderful mix of Tanqueray Gin, Campari and Sweet Vermouth.

Amaretto Sour - Almonds and cherries combine for the ultimate seasonal cocktail.

Moscow Mule - Made with Vodka, Ginger beer, and lime juice, garnished with a wedge of lime. The Moscow Mule was invented in 1941 John G Martin at a bar in Sunset Boulevard which was popular with celebrities.

Mint Julep - A fantastic sipping drink, bursting with flavour.